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  • Posted by Pei Li Teh & Colin Tan
  • June 19, 2020
  • Webinars

Agile is a mind-set not a methodology

Agile is a mind-set not a methodology

Agility happens when there is fluid and effective collaboration between researcher and client. It is an outcome of shared learning and iteration. Agile research is nimble; it does more with less, utilising existing knowledge, minimising waste and focussing on answering the key business question. It delivers insights in a way that maximises utility. Consequently, speed is a result of agile research rather than the starting point.

Watch this webcast in which agile experts Pei Li Teh and Colin Tan take you through our approach to agile thinking, based on 4 key principles and our experience. These guiding concepts shape the research process from start to finish, from set up/early collaboration and contract negotiations through to developing and delivering the most relevant outputs.

Watch the webcast »

What are the key takeaways?

  • Discover the key principles for successful agile research 
  • Understand why a stronger partnership allows you to adopt a more agile approach 
  • Learn how to go beyond the methodology and be more agile across the research process 
  • Design socialised outputs to facilitate strategic decision-making

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