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  • Posted by Liza Pliss, Will Simpson and Emilie Braund
  • June 26, 2020
  • Webinars

Digital #marcomms: How to evaluate and optimise marketing activities impacted by COVID-19

Digital #marcomms: How to evaluate and optimise marketing activities impacted by COVID-19

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The healthcare industry is increasingly using digital channels to deliver information and services to its customers. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that we have all had to accelerate the use of digital tools at our disposal. Sales reps who can no longer see doctors are using conference call software to deliver electronic detailing, physician education and medical conferences have become virtual events delivered online. Patients who can’t access doctor visits are turning to the internet for information about symptoms, diseases, treatment and support. Doctors are having telephone or video consultations with patients. 

View our latest webcast in which research experts Liza Pliss, Will Simpson and Emilie Braund will consider the impact the pandemic has and will continue to have on marketing in global healthcare and look at the continued shift towards digital communications as a means to engage physicians and patients.  

They look at a number of marketing channels, with a focus on medical conferences, rep detailing, physician and patient education and patient support programmes. They also look at how marketing of the activities has had to adapt under COVID-19 and what this means for the evaluation and testing of these new approaches.

Find out how to:

  • Improve digital engagement with HCPs and patients
  • Evaluate your marketing of conferences in a virtual format 
  • Understand changes to the patient journey and delivery of patient support 
  • Optimise user experience of digital assets
  • Consider digital communication trends post COVID-19

Click on the image below to view the webcast:

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