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How we used online bulletin boards and an advisory board to help our client understand the dynamics of the payer environment

How we used online bulletin boards and an advisory board to help our client understand the dynamics of the payer environment

Our client had a product for the treatment and prophylaxis of bleeding in patients with Haemophilia A. Although the market had been stable, it was expected to change somewhat significantly as new products were due to be launched.

The challenge

The new products due to be launched would focus on the prophylaxis market and were expected to have better clinical and economic outcomes. There were opportunities and challenges for our client as the market was already competitive with many products already available. They needed to leverage the key value messages for their product to capitalise on the opportunities. As such, they needed to understand the dynamics of the payer environment and required competitor analysis to develop their communication strategy.

The solution

We used a four-phase approach in line with the objectives of the research:

Phase 1: We began by conducting an online bulletin board with a mix of payers and KOLs from each market to gain early insight into the perceptions of the disease area and new treatment expectations.

Phase 2: We then developed an interim presentation with an overview of the findings from phase 1, highlighting common themes and differences between markets. The findings that were presented confirmed the issues to be elaborated on in the third phase, a face-to-face advisory board. We reviewed internal client materials to harmonize the content and formatting, developed an agenda and recruited delegates from each market to attend the event.

Phase 3: Thirdly, we delivered a one-day advisory board at London Heathrow. The day included general sessions moderated by the Research Partnership team, as well as focus sessions in which clinical and economic / humanistic elements were approached and where payers were separated by typology or approach to the issues.

Phase 4: In the final phase, we synthesized all of the data and analysed the results.
We produced an overview for clinical, economic, and humanistic value message feedback as well as a range of outputs summarizing the advisory board outputs and feedback from the participants for key internal stakeholders.

The outcomes

  • Assessed and evaluated the validity of the value messages about the long-acting treatment for Haemophilia A, based on the strength of the supporting clinical and economic evidence
  • Identified gaps in the evidence and provided recommendations on new data elements that would be required to further demonstrate the value in order to support timely and sustainable access and reimbursement
  • Recommended revisions of the value messages that would more accurately support the overall value proposition of the product
  • Evaluated the current value proposition and provide recommendations on potential changes in line with the clinical and economic evidence

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