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  • Posted by Liza Pliss and Lydia Gau
  • June 28, 2019
  • Webinars

Usability and UX: You’ve been asked to test… what next?

Usability and UX: You’ve been asked to test… what next?

The healthcare industry is increasingly using digital channels to deliver information and services to its customers. However, for these to be effective and increase brand satisfaction, it’s critical that patients, HCPs, and any other stakeholders have a positive user experience.

In our previous webinar on the topic, we covered ways to think about user experience, explored the importance of conducting UX research, and offered a framework to think about this type of research across the development lifecycle of the digital tool.

Join us for ‘part 2’ in which UX experts Liza Pliss and Lydia Gau explain how to execute a successful UX project, so that it delivers the insights you need to optimise your digital assets.

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What are the key takeaways?

  • Learn how to map out a process flow that will help you to address your internal clients’ requests
  • Identify the right questions to ask
  • Understand how best to set up for UX research 
  • Learn the best practices for conducting UX research

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