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  • Posted by Pei Li Teh
  • July 18, 2019
  • Webinars

Webcast: China in the Fast Lane - How to play and win in the world's hottest emerging market

Webcast: China in the Fast Lane - How to play and win in the world's hottest emerging market

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China has always been believed to be the land of promise for multinational pharmaceutical companies. However, up until recently many organisations have struggled to see a return on their investments. That may all be set to change though. The country’s recent 2020 healthcare reforms aim to rapidly increase the pace of new drug approvals and fast track innovative treatments, opening up a whole new world of opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry. 

In this webcast we explore China’s evolving healthcare environment, highlight the key changes affecting pharma and demonstrate how to build the market understanding required to launch a brand effectively in this exciting region.

Topics covered in this webcast include:

1. China 101 
An overview of the healthcare environment in China

2. What's changed?
The key opportunities under China's 2020 healthcare reform 

3. Where to play? How to win?
Design an effective marketing strategy with insights that prepare you for optimal success. 

4. Gain answers to your key questions
Start the conversation by submitting your questions in advance when you register.

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