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How we helped our client to understand the opportunities across Asia and other emerging markets using interactive outputs

How we helped our client to understand the opportunities across Asia and other emerging markets using interactive outputs

The challenge:
Our client needed to understand why the use of statins in type 2 diabetes patients in South Korea, China, Thailand and other developing countries is low / sub-optimal. Research was required to understand the diabetic patient journey in order to assess the opportunities to expand HCP knowledge on the importance of lipid lowering for type 2 diabetes patients. The client also wanted to explore the drivers and barriers which would influence uptake. 

The solution:
A mixed methodology approach was utilised in order to answer the business and research objectives. A 10-minute online survey was first undertaken with type 2 diabetes patients in order to understand current and past medication history and to confirm which HCPs they were managed by for their condition. This information was then used to inform who we should target for participation in the HCP research. A 35-minute quantitative survey (including completion of two patient records) followed by a 45 minute in-depth face to face interview was then conducted with HCPs in order to provide a deep dive account on lipid-lowering use and the barriers which need to be overcome in order for physicians to consider lipid-lowering initiation at diagnosis for all type 2 diabetes patients under their care.

The outputs:
As well as providing a detailed and integrated report that combined all of the quantitative and qualitative feedback, the research team worked closely with our in-house creative services team, The Studio, to develop an interactive infographic. This allowed us to visualise the data and showcase key findings from each market in a much more dynamic and engaging format. The interactive infographic also enabled our client to really immerse themselves in the research and raise awareness of the study among a range of key stakeholders throughout the organisation. Key issues such as guideline adherence and characteristics of a lipid lowering and non-lipid lowering patient were provided for each market as well as a comprehensive list of recommendations to assist our client in developing future marketing strategies for the brand. Throughout the project, we held a weekly client call which was extremely beneficial in ensuring that the project was always moving and that timelines were met, whilst also suiting the needs of our busy client.

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