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  • Posted by Pei Li Teh
  • December 12, 2018
  • Webinars

Live from Singapore: Oncology in APAC - Evaluating the opportunity for novel therapies

Live from Singapore: Oncology in APAC - Evaluating the opportunity for novel therapies

Novel cancer therapies are offering patients new treatments and better outcomes worldwide. And recent changes in healthcare policies across APAC, such as China’s fast tracking approval of therapies for severe and rare diseases, have reignited interest in the APAC region as a strong market for oncology. 

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In this webcast Pei Li Teh and Wan Ling Neo, explore the myriad of new therapies in oncology in APAC and address 3 critical business questions which pharmaceutical marketers will need to address in order to demonstrate value to multiple stakeholders and leverage opportunities in the region:

  • What will encourage doctors to discuss novel treatments as early as possible rather than reserving efficacious therapies as a last resort?
  • What will motivate and influence a patient population to pay for an efficacious high-cost cancer treatment?
  • How can brands maximise their return on investment within the short time frame before new entrants come in?

The webcast lasts for 25 minutes including a 5 minute Q&A session.

Key areas discussed are: 

  • The opportunity for novel therapies in Asia 
  • Maximising launch opportunity 
  • Evaluating value of novel therapies

 Click on the image below to view the webcast: 

Webcast Image

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