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How we assessed the opportunity for a rare disease product in emerging markets

How we assessed the opportunity for a rare disease product in emerging markets

The challenge:
Our client had a product indicated for a rare Haematology disease. Whilst this product was successfully launched in over 40 countries globally, it had a limited presence in many emerging markets. Our client needed to conduct market research in order to determine how to maximise the commercial opportunities in each of these different emerging markets.

The solution:
A three-phase methodology was utilised. A definition phase of interviews with client internal stakeholders and in-country distributors was conducted to help better define and identify the most relevant target stakeholders to interview. Interviews were then conducted with industry experts and payers in each market in order to understand current and future market trends. Due to the limited number of treating physicians of this rare disease, multiple recruitment methodologies, including a literature review to identify Key Opinion Leaders, were utilised in order to ensure a sufficient sample.  A final phase of in-depth interviews with physicians allowed us to identify the key micro and macro issues within the product market in each country.

The outputs:
The research findings from all three phases gave the client in-depth insights into the specific opportunities and challenges within each emerging market. The report provided the client with clear recommendations on the execution of strategy and tactical approach required to successfully maximise the product opportunity, for each individual market.

Guide: Rare diseases
The market opportunity and market research considerations

Drawing upon our considerable experience of managing both small and large scale studies across a number of different diseases, we have created a guide outlining the key steps required to implement an effective market research programme. The guide covers: 

- Sampling and recruitment
- Ethical considerations and constraints
- Suitable methodologies
- Impactful analysis and outputs 

This guide is free to marketing and market research professionals of pharmaceutical manufacturers. 

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