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How conference research was used to gauge reactions to new clinical data and measure the impact of a company’s presence at a leading industry event

How conference research was used to gauge reactions to new clinical data and measure the impact of a company’s presence at a leading industry event

The challenge
Our client had recently conducted a series of clinical trials with its breakthrough cardiovascular product, resulting in outcomes data which had the potential to give it a more competitive edge and successfully differentiate it against their closest competitor.

Communication strategies and marketing messages were to be crafted using the outcomes data which our client planned to launch at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) annual congress. As a result, our client wanted to understand in detail the impact of their data on physicians’ perceptions of them.

In addition, with medical conferences representing a considerable investment in terms of time and resources, research was required to provide an understanding of what different aspects of the ESC annual conference meant to our clients key customers and the overall impact of the company’s presence on company perception.

The solution
We used our proprietary evaluation tool Conference Live to gather real-time feedback from physicians and leading specialists attending the ESC annual conference. A series of mobile surveys were conducted with 100 Cardiologists, Endocrinologists and Internal Medicine Specialists before, during and after the event. In addition, physicians were free to submit ‘Wow!’ photos of anything at the event that impressed them.

Our mobile research platform allowed for flexible and timely questionnaire compilation. Furthermore, by utilising the multimedia functionality of the smartphone to record respondents’ spoken answers and capture photos / videos, our client could gain rich qualitative information, to augment the quality of understanding of the physician response.

The outputs
Our client was able to understand the immediate physician reaction to the clinical data including how it might affect intention to prescribe their product in the future as well as the additional effect on perceptions of the company in the area of cardiology. Using findings from the research, our client was able to begin developing marketing messages using the outcomes data that resonated most with physicians.

Real-time insights from physicians and specialists meant almost immediate feedback for brand teams on their performance at the conference including the effectiveness of the exhibition space and selected key messages. Additionally, we were able to provide further insight into ways of improving our client’s marketing activity at future conferences.

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