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How buyer insights supported the development of an effective market strategy

The challenge
Our client was developing a new product for HIV and needed to understand buyer willingness to pay in the emerging markets of South Africa, Kenya, and India. They needed to understand how new medicines are added to the guidelines and how they are evaluated and funded. They also needed to gain an understanding of stakeholders’ reactions to their product, the drivers and barriers to use and expectations regarding pricing.

HIV Global Health

The solution 
Before initiating fieldwork we conducted extensive desk research into the country health systems in order to identify key donor organizations to target, which provided a solid foundation for understanding the access and procurement landscape.

We then carried out intensive and rigorous qualitative research with key donor and ministry of health decision-makers. Laddering techniques and a flexible moderating style were used to carefully explore the full complexity of the issues posed. A Perceived Value Pricing exercise was also included to provide a simple and visual way for our client to understand the value of their product in relation to the existing standard of care. Although costs are often heavily negotiated in these countries and therefore many respondents were unwilling to put a specific price, this technique highlighted not only an appropriate price range per country, but also buyer’s expectations and value drivers behind procurement decisions.

The outcomes
We gave our client a fully fleshed out picture of the market landscape, healthcare barriers and limitations for their HIV product. The client was able to gain a clear understanding of the buyer perspective, including willingness to pay, as well as the healthcare access systems within each of the markets. We gave specific recommendations on next steps – covering priority international and national guideline inclusions which would enable broad uptake of their new product. We also identified the priority patient types for the treatment who should be the primary focus at launch, and gave direction on the additional manufacturer support and evidence requirements that would be expected to facilitate the product’s introduction into the country.

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