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  • Posted by Tom Nolte & Melinda Shorr
  • February 28, 2018
  • Webinars

Portfolio analysis: Making Go/No-Go decisions to optimise the portfolio

Portfolio analysis: Making Go/No-Go decisions to optimise the portfolio

When a pharma company is either considering acquiring a new agent, or developing one in-house, marketers need to understand the impact on the overall portfolio and decide whether to make a go or no-go decision on that asset.

US Directors Tom Nolte and Melinda Shorr present this webinar which shows you how market research insights allow you to make confident go/no-go decisions in portfolio planning.

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Key areas discussed are:

Why portfolios need to adapt and change
Success today is not necessarily success tomorrow. Depth and diversification are essential to a strong portfolio - we explore the reasons why you need to actively plan for the future.

Considerations for Go/No-go research design for portfolio planning
We show you how to create an effective market research programme - what stakeholders needs to be involved in the planning process, what questions need to be asked and what methods can be used.

Determining value and magnitude metrics
We discuss the criteria by which additions to a pipeline fit into the key metrics – what value they bring to the portfolio and the size of that opportunity (magnitude). Conversely we will look at what the removal of an asset has on the overall portfolio.

Speed of decision-making
If agents are being developed in-house, evaluations can be made slowly and rigorously. When agents are being acquired, the decision to go or no-go often needs to be made quickly. We discuss the impact on market research design. 

Our presenters also use a case study to demonstrate how market research insights support better decision-making on new agents in a portfolio.

Question and answer session
Following the presentation there is a live Q&A where they address any specific challenges you have encountered or concerns you have about conducting portfolio analysis studies. 

Click on the image below to view the webcast:

Portfolio Analysis Go Or No Go Decisions

This is the third in a series of webinars covering portfolio analysis. The first two webcasts are now available to download:

 - Portfolio analysis: Choosing your communication strategy
 - Portfolio analysis: Portfolio tracking for success

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