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  • Posted by Anne Cunningham
  • October 26, 2017
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PMRC EU, Düsseldorf 2017

PMRC EU, Düsseldorf 2017

We were delighted to exhibit and present a paper at the Pharmaceutical Market Research Conference in Düsseldorf, Germany

Director, Anne Cunningham, and Associate Director, Nicky Barclay-Prout, represented us at the conference and presented the paper ‘Patient Centricity: Keeping Patients at the Forefront’.

Patient centricity is a term we are hearing more and more, it is a phrase that is rapidly becoming an industry catch phrase. As patients become increasingly involved in their own health and healthcare systems demand more evidence of outcomes, pharmaceutical organisations have been moving towards a business model that puts patients at the heart of everything they do. In this paper they deliberate the meaning of patient centricity and why it is so important, the impact of patient centricity on pharma/biotech, discuss relevant case studies on supporting patient centricity through research and finally consider the future for patient centricity. 

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