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How gamification and advanced analytics gave big pharma the insights to optimise their global corporate image

The challenge
Our client’s senior management wanted to assess its company’s image amongst their key HCP stakeholders. The client wanted to measure familiarity and perceptions of the company versus its competitors, particularly in light of recent corporate announcements. They also wanted to identify opportunities for influencing customer opinion. 

Corporate Equity Survey

The solution
It was critical for the results to be globally robust, so we conducted online interviews with 1,500 health care practitioners across 10 markets; US, EU and emerging markets. As different health care practitioner types interacted with the company in different ways, we also ensured our global specialty samples were robust, including 300 of each of the following specialties: Dermatologists, Paediatricians, PCPs, Plastic surgeons and Retail Pharmacists.

To ensure that physicians remained engaged and provided the best possible quality data, we applied a range of gamification techniques to our questionnaire. We used visual techniques to understand (prompted) familiarity; moved from standard attitudinal batteries by tailoring the questions and response answers to the key topics of interest; used enabling techniques to encourage respondents to be creative and thoughtful in eliciting emotional reactions to each company; and posed questions as problems or challenges (for instance, matching brands to their manufacturer) to allow them to “win” in their answers. 

The outputs
We provided a comprehensive but visual global report looking at key results by specialty type. Our in-house graphic designer used the emotions each company generated to create portraits of each company, highlighting in each case their unique strengths and areas of differentiation. We used this in our executive summary to paint a verbal picture of the perceptions of our client’s company amongst their stakeholders, and to contrast the perceptions of key competitors in different areas. As many companies in the client’s area of interest were perceived similarly on key attributes, we used key driver analysis to ensure we understood both the HCPs’ stated drivers and the underlying ones. The results highlighted how important it is to ensure that corporate resources are being appropriately deployed with target physicians, to maintain strong and positive perceptions amongst primary stakeholders while identifying appropriate strategies to improve perceptions amongst secondary target groups. 

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