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How brainstorming exercises enhanced a segmentation validation study

The challenge
Our client had an oncology product in development for the treatment of prostate cancer. The company wanted to conduct research to inform future planning, list development, advisory board creation, and initial communications platforms. In an earlier quantitative wave of research we had identified four segments to define physician treatment and prescription behaviors. Our next challenge was to validate the segmentation. Our client wanted to gain a deeper qualitative market understanding of treatment views and prescribing motivators of the four segments. They also needed to open lines of communications within the team, giving both local and remote team members the opportunity to engage and interact with the research and segmentation. 

Backroom Brainstorm ImageThe solutution
To address these various needs, we designed immersion workshops to help embed the segmentation learning within our client team. To start, we conducted guided backroom exercises during each CL day with conference lines for those who wished to participate remotely. Active listening exercises for back-room viewers helped familiarize new joiners to the quantitative research, capture and preserve insights from the qualit ative research, and spark conversation and deeper probing and understanding of the four segments. Near the end of each CL day we paused for a one hour round-table discussion to look at the deeperinsights each respondent brought to their respective segment, to confirm the segment descriptions, and identify implications for product marketing and communications.

he outputs
Our final client deliverable was a moderated workshop where we presented research findings to the wider client team, including wider end-users of the segmentation such as the brand team, market researchers, and communications agency personnel. To further deepen qualitative understanding, part of our deliverable included segment reels to provide visual “snapshots” of physicians in each segments. The workshop integrated the findings from both quantitative and qualitative research to create fully developed and realized portraits of each segment. Interactive sections of the workshop included a group discussion to consider the segments from participants’ perspectives and generation of further insights and implications for product market entry and promotion as a whole.

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