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How a two-phase evaluation involving interactive workshops gave guidance for improving a Patient Assistance Programme in CV

The challenge
Our client had launched a self-injection treatment for cardiovascular conditions and were creating an accompanying Patient Assistance Programme (PAP) to educate patients in the use and uptake of this product.

The client wanted to understand how successful the PAP was at meeting the needs of patients, trainers and prescribers, and whether it positively differentiated them from competitors. They wanted to evaluate each individual component of the PAP (e.g. brochures, website, videos, training kits, patient emails), the clarity of each component and their usefulness across the patient journey. They also wanted to identify any gaps or needs for improvement in the PAP.


Patient Assistance Programme 2100

The solution
A two-phase methodology was conducted in the US, Canada and the UK:

- In phase one we conducted face-to-face interviews with trainers, prescribers and patients, in order to gain a 360 degree understanding of the needs from the PAP from the different stakeholders, and an in-depth evaluation of the PAP components. In the US we were also able to uncover potential leverage points and unmet needs from experienced prescribers.

- In phase 2 we conducted interactive workshops with prescribers and patients. Workshop sessions were divided into four strategic areas: role play and key need to knows, roadmap stage set, competitive comparison and informational journey.


The outputs
We provided our client with a roadmap featuring key insights on the different stakeholders needs in terms of the PAP along the ‘journey’ with the product (from initial discussion about it to long term adherence). We developed clear, actionable insights on how to improve the materials in terms of the language, layout and visuals but also on the content, highlighting needs for further information. We provided guidance on which pieces were needed at each point of the roadmap, and on how to streamline the current PAP to have fewer, but more targeted components that best addressed stakeholders needs. The insights provided enabled the client to improve their PAP, ultimately helping increase uptake and adherence to the product.

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