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How mobile diaries were used to capture patient-generated insights in COPD

Research Partnership wanted to test the value and functionality of an app-based data collection tool which would give patients control of the market research interaction, and consequently deliver greater insights at key moments in the patient journey.

Using this approach, we believed our clients could better understand the issues faced by patients, which would help them in the development of marketing activities around their COPD portfolio.

The solution
An app-based mobile “diary” was designed through a customised research application. US-based COPD patients were recruited to feedback on their experiences of living with COPD, in the moment. Through audio spoken-word submissions, patients uploaded their thoughts and opinions related to their condition in real time.

The results exceeded both our own and our client’s expectations. The mobile “diary” solution allowed us access to different moments of patients’ everyday lives, outside of the traditional research environment. Patients were willing to take part and share the intimate details of their disease experience, providing our client with rich and detailed insights.

The initial results will be used as disease awareness campaign material, with the strategic implications used to potentially contribute towards the development of beyond-the-pill initiatives to support patients in the future.

 COPD Case Study Graphic


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