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  • Posted by Julie Denny
  • March 5, 2015
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EADV Congress 2015

EADV Congress 2015

Therapy Watch to present at the EADV Spring Symposium “real-world” patient data for PsO patients in disease remission

We are delighted to have been chosen to present a poster at this year’s EADV Spring Symposium in Valencia, Spain. The event will focus on topics such as skin cancer, inflammation and inflammatory skin diseases, psoriasis, infectious diseases, facial dermatosis, allergy and adnexal tumours.

Our poster entitled ‘Remission in Psoriasis: a Review of Real World Patient Cases’ focuses on patients who are no longer experiencing any flares in their disease. Psoriasis (PsO) imposes a heavy burden on patients, affecting them physically, psychologically, and occupationally. Existing treatments means that remission is achievable although relapses are frequent. The aim of our poster is to better understand the characteristics of patients in remission to ascertain what can be done to improve patient outcomes in this disease, reducing the frequency of relapses and extending the duration of remission periods.

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Data sample and methodology
We used patient record data collected as part of our Therapy Watch online treatment survey and analysed the treatment history of 17,992 patients suffering from moderate to severe plaque psoriasis across the main 5 EU markets of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. We analysed the characteristics of patients who at their most recent visit were not experiencing any flares in their disease and also considered patient record forms for a small number of patients who had discontinued biologic therapy due to disease remission. Overall, our analyses consider 5,076 PsO patients who are currently in remission.

Our analyses look at the changes there have been in the proportion of PsO patients achieving this state of remission over time and assess whether any specific country achieves greater levels of disease control. We also built detailed profiles of patients who achieve remission with and without biologic therapy to understand what differences exist between these patient groups and ascertain if specific patient types are more likely to require biologic therapy and respond to these agents. Moreover, by reviewing the characteristics of patient who discontinued biologic therapy due to remission we have tried to gain a better understanding of patients who achieve drug-free remission after biologic therapy, measuring the occurrence of this outcome, the duration of remission and their current disease status.

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