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Using mobile research to improve our understanding of compliance

Traditional methods of assessing compliance, such as questionnaires, diaries and electronic monitoring systems, have certain limitations and can give biased results. We wanted to investigate if the use of digital techniques could elicit greater insights.

The solution:
Mobile research using an intercept methodology amongst 50 T2D patients to get close to the moment of medication administration. This approach sought to reduce hindsight bias and limit the risk of the methodology reminding patients to be compliant 

The outcomes:

- Mobile research gets us closer to actual compliance levels
- Pill boxes offer false reassurance
- Mobile is engaging for all age groups

Mobile delivers rich data to understand reasons for compliance and non-compliance.

- Audio allows people to speak freely about their experience and behaviour
- Video can be utilised to record how people behave in certain circumstances
- Images capture insights into how and where patients take their medication 

Compliance Mobile Case Study -


88 Positive Experience

Audio Video Image











Next Steps:
We are now offering the mobile intercept method to clients who are interested in getting a better understanding of compliance in their therapy area. This pilot study is also helping us design the next phase of our syndicated patient study Living with Diabetes 2013. We will be conducting a 3-stage mixed methodological approach involving an online quantitative study, moderated online research community and mobile study amongst large samples of patients with type 2 diabetes across 5 EU and US. We expect that this programme of research will deliver fresh insights into compliance behaviour in diabetes.

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