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Therapy Watch launches a new Migraine tracker

October 10, 2019

This multi country study will report on patients with Migraine prophylaxis.

TW-migraine-2019The new class of CGRP inhibitors (Aimovig, Ajovy, and Emgality) look set to shake up the migraine prophylaxis market, a market which has seen little innovation in the last decade and in which there still remains considerable unmet patient need. Although numerous existing treatments exist, options remain limited and medication to treat acute pain can come with side effects. In Migraine switching is high with data published recently suggesting that more than 40% of patients on migraine prophylaxis treatments have experience of switching treatment and/or medicine failure. Despite the opportunity to provide new treatments in this area, how these new treatments will be positioned, prescribed, and interpreted against existing therapies remains unclear and this tracker will aim to address these questions.

Therapy Watch is a syndicated market tracking tool that provides marketing teams, brand managers and market researchers with strategic and tactical market information. Run entirely online to ensure speed, quality and up-to-date access to the very latest market data,
Therapy Watch offers a clear advantage by putting you in closer contact with your market than ever before.

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