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Therapy Watch launches COVID-19 tracker

May 31, 2022

Therapy Watch has launched a tracker for COVID-19. This multi-country study will report on  hospitalised and non-hospitalised patients across core global markets.

Watch the video below to find out more about our syndicated COVID-19 market tracking study.


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With the ongoing global pandemic, the interest surrounding COVID remains high and is the latest therapy area to be monitored by Therapy Watch. It will be updated as the market evolves and the tracker running on an ongoing basis. 

We will interview 60 specialists and 30 PCPs per EU5 country, 140 specialists and 130 PCPs in the US. 

This tracker will help our clients address such issues as patient demographics, disease severity progress, treatment history, market share, physician background and demographics, and drivers to treatment.

Therapy Watch is a syndicated market tracking tool that provides marketing teams, brand managers and market researchers with strategic and tactical market information. Run entirely online to ensure speed, quality and up-to-date access to the very latest market data,
Therapy Watch offers a clear advantage by putting you in closer contact with your market than ever before.

Request more information about our new COVID-19 tracker here

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