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London employees enjoy annual summer day out

September 29, 2021


This year’s long-awaited Summer Day Out finally took place, after a year of delay due to the pandemic.

We started the day at the London office, where we were put into teams. Our first activity was to build the tallest building possible in only 20 minutes, using just spaghetti and marshmallows. While some of us took on the challenge with relish and managed to come up with fairly tall buildings, others were struggling to stop their spaghetti towers from toppling over!

Our second activity consisted of a scavenger hunt. We were given a list of places to find around Putney, and each team was tasked with taking the most creative group photo. We all had great fun, and it was a good way of meeting people from different departments – especially the new joiners. We all headed back to the office, where the judge announced the winning team, who won a box of sweets for their creativity.

The fun wasn’t over as everyone then headed to Putney Pier for an amazing boat trip along the River Thames. We all enjoyed a nice BBQ and socialised with colleagues as the boat cruised through the heart of London's iconic riverside landmarks. Some of us even took part in a karaoke singing contest. After an exciting day, we were all invited to the Coat & Badge pub for refreshments.

You can check out some more photos from the day on our Instagram page.

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