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Richard Head presented with MR Excellence award at EphMRA 2019

July 25, 2019

We were delighted to exhibit, sponsor and present three papers at the EphMRA conference where Director Richard Head was presented with the runner-up award for ‘Business Impact through Innovation’. Along with Richard Head, Director Paula Coyle and Associate Directors Emilie Braund and An-hwa Lee represented Research Partnership at the three-day annual event, which this year took place at the Hilton Hotel and Convention Centre in Warsaw, Poland. 

Richard Head awarded EphMRA MR Excellence Award

Research Partnership presented three papers. On Wednesday 26th June, Richard, who leads the company's innovation steering committee, presented the paper ‘Using facial analysis to uncover deeper reactions to pharmaceutical communication materials’, which came runner-up in the ‘Business Impact through Innovation’ category at this year’s EphMRA MR Excellence Awards. The paper, which was well-attended and generated much discussion after the presentation, demonstrated how Research Partnership and Janssen used facial analysis to gain a detailed understanding of physicians’ emotional reactions to healthcare communications. 

Later that day, Emilie Braund presented one of the twelve agency session papers - ‘Optimize your digital assets with UX research’ which offered an introduction to Usability and User Experience (UX) research as a means for managing digital assets such as websites, apps and other digital tools. Finally, on Thursday afternoon Paula presented the paper ‘Agile research: Buzzword or game-changer’ with Neil Philips, Chief Technology Officer at M3 Global Research. In this paper, Paula and Neil compared and contrasted the effectiveness of agile approaches with traditional methodologies using the results of a recent real-life case study. To find out more about any of our papers please contact us.  

EphMRA 2019

At Research Partnership’s agency fair stand Richard, Paula, Emilie and An-hwa had the opportunity to catch up with many familiar faces over a fresh coffee, which they prepared at the stand and gave away to delegates needing to recharge their batteries. They were also on hand to talk to visitors about all of the topics featured in their papers including facial analysis, user experience and agile research as well as all of the latest developments at Research Partnership. 

On the opening night of the conference, the team enjoyed attending the official welcome cocktail event before hosting a private dinner for clients at N31, an award-winning restaurant that offered exquisite views of the Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw’s most recognisable building. The following evening, the team joined conference delegates to celebrate the winners of the EphMRA MR Excellence Awards as well as the winner of the much-acclaimed President’s Award for 2019. Richard Head and Janssen’s Sarah Fletcher, EMEA Market Research Manager, were presented with their runner-up prize for their joint submission in the ‘Business Impact through Innovation’ category.

Overall, the conference proved to be a great success and we look forward to attending next year’s event. Look out for the post conference newsletter and photo-round up featuring all of the images our team of photographers captured at the event.


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