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Research Partnership welcomes intake of Research Graduates

September 1, 2022

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Last month, Research Partnership was pleased to welcome 5 new graduates to the UK office and 3 to the US offices in New York and San Francisco.

The talented new recruits come from a range of top universities who have all excelled in their academic studies covering a wide range of areas including, pharmacology, biochemistry, neuroscience, and sociology. They will start on a comprehensive training and development programme, and work alongside our research professionals on ad hoc projects or within our syndicated teams.

Our legacy of investing in young people has continued since the Research Partnership Graduate Programme began in 1998 and offers great training and career opportunities. Mary Assimakopoulos, Co-CEO, commented, “We are thrilled to welcome these 8 individuals to our company. We are very committed to our graduate programme, knowing that it is integral to the success of the business. We look forward to seeing our new graduates progress and flourish over the coming years.”

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