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Research Partnership’s end-of-year charity donation

January 12, 2022



In December, our London office organised an alternative to Secret Santa - Santa’s Christmas Boxes. The aim was for every staff to bring in presents to donate to our new partner charity, Fulham Good Neighbours.

Our Charity Committee received many presents, which were all delivered to Fulham Good Neighbours, who were extremely grateful for the donations. We were struck by the incredible generosity of everyone who got involved, which enabled us to provide some unexpected gifts to deserving homes.

In addition to this, we also donated $5,000 to our partner charities, Forever Angels and Fulham Good Neighbours!

Mary Assimakopoulos, Founding Director, commented, “We are committed to supporting these worthwhile charities that make a difference to the lives of those in need. Our employees are already planning a variety of fundraising activities for 2022.”

Find out more about our Charity & Community  »

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