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Research Partnership appoints two new Directors

October 18, 2022

DirectorsWe are delighted to announce that Peggy Yau has joined Research Partnership as a Qualitative Research Director in our emerging markets team and Alexander Edte as a Director in the EU team. 

Peggy started her career at Ipsos healthcare. She then continued her healthcare journey at IQVIA (IMS) and went on to focus on a pathway in qualitative research at Nielsen IQ. She worked in Hong Kong, Taipei and Shanghai before settling in London.

Alexander started his career at GfK and has been working in healthcare market research for over 25 years. He has also previously worked at Kantar Health, Ipsos/Synovate and also had a short stint client side at Pharmacia, before it became part of Pfizer. He spent the last 5 years at A+A primarily leading quantitative projects from tracking through to more complex segmentation and demand assessment studies.

Speaking about the appointments, Co-CEO Mary Assimakopoulos said, “We are very pleased that both Peggy and Alexander have chosen to join Research Partnership. They have previous experience in healthcare and worked with a range of clients and research that will bring a great depth of knowledge to the team, which aims to stay at the forefront of our services." 

Find out more about our experience in healthcare market research. 

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