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RP and Bristol Myers Squibb win prestigious Healthcare Research Award

December 7, 2022

MRS_AWARDS2022_HEALTHCARE_WINWe are pleased to share the news that Research Partnership and Bristol Myers Squibb were pronounced the winners in the “Healthcare Research” category at the 2022 Market Research Society Awards. The results were announced at a gala dinner and award ceremony held in London on Monday 5th December.

The Market Research Society's awards programme celebrates excellence and innovation in the research sector and set outs to recognise best practice in all aspects of market research.


‘Living with Head and Neck Cancer’ describes how Research Partnership and BMS used digital ethnography to capture the individual and shared experiences of patients dealing with H&N cancer and how the resulting market research findings are being used to drive patient-centred innovation, raise awareness and develop new patient support programmes. The entry was co-authored by Lara Lucchese, Senior Manager, Insights & Analytics at Bristol Myers Squibb and Mandira Kar, Research Director, Research Partnership. The research team included Research Partnership’s Adam Scott, Senior Research Executive and Jodie Batters, Field Manager.

MRS Award 2022The judges commented: “This engaging and thoughtful project put the patient at the centre, but the benefits to the client are clear – with value for patient support and advocacy groups.”

CO-CEOs, Mary Assimakopoulos and Mark Jeffery said, "We are delighted to have won this very prestigious accolade. The MRS Awards celebrate research's ability to drive innovation, inspire change and deliver results and so to be recognised by them is an honour. Congratulations to Mandira, Lara, Adam, and Jodie.”

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