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Research conducted by RP published in leading medical journal

June 21, 2022

Findings from a study conducted by Research Partnership have recently been published in the ‘Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research’, which provides stakeholders (including patients, clinicians, healthcare purchasers, and health policy makers) with the key data and opinions to make informed and specific decisions on clinical practice. jcer.png-2

Commissioned by Servier, the paper is titled ‘The impact of lower limb chronic venous disease on quality of life: patient and physician perspectives’. The aim of the research was to compare both patient and physician perceptions of quality of life (QoL) in C0-4 chronic venous disease (CVD).

100 patients and 60 specialists were recruited from five countries including Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, Italy and Russia. Physicians completed a phone interview while patients completed both a phone interview, as well as a self-reported questionnaire. The study found that CVD affects people not only physically but also aesthetically and emotionally, which impacts on relationships and leads to social isolation. Physicians are aware of the physical impact of CVD but often underestimate other burdens their patients might experience. The study suggested that physicians should consult their patients on these aspects when treating them.

Research Partnership’s Directors Emilie Braund and Claire Fradet-Aubignat were responsible for the study design; enrolling respondents via fieldwork partners; performing analyses, including statistical analysis; and preparing the study report, as well as reading and approving drafts of the manuscript. Commenting on the publication, Director Emilie Braund said: “It has been a true honour to work on this exciting project. This study has been a great example of a successful collaboration between the industry and medical community, both working together to raise awareness of a chronic condition that is significantly impacting patients’ quality of life, and calling for more supportive and interventional care.”

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