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Quantitative specialist joins Research Partnership

March 26, 2021

Roy R- RapportWe are delighted to announce that Roy Rogers has joined the company as a Quantitative Director. Roy is a seasoned market research professional with over 20 years’ experience in healthcare research and consulting and will be based out of our UK offices in London. He joins the US Division of the company as an expert quantitative researcher, bringing with him much experience in a breadth of different research techniques.

Previously, Roy was a Partner at Hall & Partners, co-managing a team of 40 researchers. He began his career in market research at BMRB and Research International, moving into pharmaceutical market research while at Millward Brown, where he was one of the founding members of the Healthcare Practice.

Senior Director, Andrew Stokes said of his appointment, “I am delighted to welcome Roy to the company. We have a dynamic group of researchers in the London office and Roy’s quantitative experience adds another layer of expertise within the group.”

Founding Director Mary Assimakopoulos added, “We are very pleased that Roy has chosen to join Research Partnership. His specialist expertise will be a great asset to the Quantitative Centre of Excellence, which aims to stay at the forefront of best practice and innovation.”

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