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Events: PMRC New Jersey 2019 round up

February 20, 2019

Earlier this month, Director, Head of New York office, Liza Pliss and Associate Director, Emily Hoffman attended the Pharmaceutical Market Research Conference in Newark, New Jersey.

PMRC NJ imageLiza Pliss and Cornelia Fuller, US Lead at Sanofi also co-presented the paper, ‘Optimizing your Digital Assets with UX Research.’ In this presentation, they discussed the topic of User Experience (sometimes referred to as UX) and Usability specifically as they relate to digital assets (such as websites, apps, and other digital tools). They covered what UX is, why it is important, and walked through a case study, focusing on a specific UX tool that was used to help design a website.

At the Research Partnership stand, Liza and Emily had the opportunity to catch up with several clients and were on hand to talk to visitors. A raffle was also held in which attendees could win a Tello Quadcopter Drone.

Liza and Emily also attended some other presentations and identified a number of themes at this year’s conference. Speaking about the event, Director Liza Pliss, said “The hot topics at this year’s conference included incorporating tech into market research, behavioural economics and patient centricity. The conference was a big success and we look forward to attending the next one.”

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