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Events: PMRC New Jersey 2018 round up

February 28, 2018

Earlier this month, Directors Tom Nolte and Melinda Shorr attended the Pharmaceutical Market Research Conference in Newark, New Jersey. Tom and Melinda presented the paper, ‘Portfolio Analysis: Optimizing Communication Approaches for Multiple Assets in a Category’. In their presentation they discussed how communications can be optimized in a portfolio, such as when multiple agents are being presented during the same rep detail or as a part of a digital strategy in a given category. 

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Tom and Melinda also attended some other presentations and identified a number of themes at this year’s conference. There were various presentations around patient centricity and how to truly understand the patient experience. This hot topic was further explored in breakout sessions using a variety of digital research methods such as social media listening, use of avatars, mobile research and online communities.

Tom was active in a roundtable discussion on the implications for launching biosimilars and pricing implications, arising from his interest in the autoimmune category. Melinda attended a very interesting discussion on marketing trends in oncology market research and ways to accomplish project objectives. Overall, there was an emphasis on new technologies and services and the challenge of keeping up with the fast changing competitive landscape. In addition to the technological aspects of oncology, there were also discussions about new therapies being developed and how these will change the world of patients and medical communities.  

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