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New appointments in our UK, Lyon and US offices

March 18, 2019

Research Partnership is delighted to announce new appointments across our offices. Boon Yap joins the Market Access team in the UK as Associate Consultant. Boon previously worked at ICON (formerly PriceSpective), where he conducted payer research and was the internal payer expert, as well as the designated country expert of China and Taiwan.

Boon-and-ScarlettAlso in the UK, Scarlett Collins joins as Research Analyst and Ana Maria Barbas Coslado joins the Fieldwork team as Field Executive.

In our US Philadelphia office, Megan Armano joins as Senior Research Executive. Megan has strong experience in syndicated and ad hoc quantitative research.

Bérangére Pate joins as Research Manager in our Lyon office. Bérangère was a previous intern at Research Partnership in 2015. Since then, she continued to develop her qualitative and quantitative market research skills at several agencies working on large-scale quantitative projects, before taking on the role at Research Partnership.  

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