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Events: Intellus Worldwide Summit 2019 round up

May 23, 2019

This May, Liza Pliss, Director and Head of our New York Office, Sabera Hyderally, Director, Head of MedTech Division North America and Emily Hoffman, Associate Director exhibited at and attended the Intellus Worldwide Summit in Philadelphia. 

Intellus Worldwide Summit 2019
The theme of the conference was ‘Insights Evolution – Empowering Data Translators of the Future’, exploring how leading companies harness new and emerging technologies (AI, machine learning, data science, advanced analytics) to create next-generation insights to improve patient care.

In keeping with the theme of the summit, Liza Pliss was present at our stand to discuss our User Experience (UX) capabilities. She is an expert in UX and Usability research having conducted multiple studies to improve the experience of digital resources for healthcare professionals and consumers. Liza presented the paper 'Optimize your digital assets with UX research' at the PMR Conference in New Jersey, USA.

Sabera Hyderally was also at the stand to discuss our MedTech offering. She has expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research to aid strategic decision-making for pharmaceutical, medical and surgical device manufacturers. She has received special acclaim for innovative approaches to assess customer needs, value proposition and pricing such as SIMALTO and incorporating predictive modelling to determine brand impact.

In between catching up with connections at our stand, Liza, Sabera and Emily attended a range of other presentations and identified a number of themes at this year’s conference. Speaking about the event, Director and Head of our New York Office, Liza Pliss, said “The hot topics at this year’s summit included using artificial intelligence to quantitatively analyse qualitative data, the regulatory environment for new product development involving medical device delivery and finally, innovations in qualitative data tools for opinion capture and behavioural insights. The conference was a great success and we look forward to attending the next one.”

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