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Rachel Arthurs and Meerah Ghaderzadeh awarded EphMRA Grants

March 18, 2020

We’re delighted to announce that Meerah Ghaderzadeh and Rachel Arthurs have both been awarded EphMRA Young Professional Conference Grants, enabling them to attend the association’s annual conference in Antwerp later this year.

meerah-rachel-ephmraThe new scheme, which EphMRA launched in February, awards five researchers with less than three years’ experience in healthcare market research the opportunity to attend the three-day event in June. Over 20 young professionals from member organisations (both industry and agency side) applied for the five grants and we are delighted that two of those were awarded to members of the Research Partnership team.

Rachel Arthurs is a Research Executive with almost two years’ experience in healthcare market research. She joined Research Partnership’s graduate training scheme in September 2018 after graduating from the University of Sussex with a first class honours degree in Sociology. Commenting on the scheme Rachel said, “I’m overjoyed to have been selected to attend the EphMRA annual conference. Not only will it give me the opportunity to network, but also grant me access to keynote speeches with inspiring global perspectives on innovative research approaches and methodologies. By giving young researchers such as myself these opportunities, EphMRA is inspiring a new generation to think inquisitively and offer our own unique perspective on the future of market research.”

Meerah Ghaderzadeh is a Project Manager Apprentice and joined Research Partnership in 2019 as part of the company’s apprenticeship scheme. During the two-year scheme, which is run in collaboration with West London College, apprentices work with our quantitative research teams and provide project management support. In addition, they receive on-the-job training as well as external learning towards the Association for Project Management (APM) Project Management Qualification. Commenting on her acceptance Meerah said, “I’m incredibly happy to have been awarded one of the five grants. Attending the EphMRA conference will provide me with a unique opportunity to accelerate my learning curve in pharmaceutical research. Exposure to so many inspirational and knowledgeable speakers is equivalent to a crash course - quickening my career growth and helping me to improve my work at Research Partnership.”

Mary Assimakopoulos, Founding Director added, “Encouraging our growing pool of young researchers to develop and improve their skills is something we are incredibly passionate about at Research Partnership and we are delighted that a number of our team took up the challenge to submit entries for the scheme. The EphMRA Annual Conference is one of the largest events in our industry’s calendar, attracting clients and healthcare market researchers from around the world. The grants will provide Meerah and Rachel with a chance to network, share experiences, challenge themselves and learn from their fellow researchers about key industry issues.”

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