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Events: EphMRA Annual Conference 2023

May 24, 2023

EphMRA-2022We are thrilled to be presenting a paper at the EphMRA annual conference, June 27-29 at the Hallam Conference Centre in London, UK.

Research Director and Research Partnership’s in-house ethnography expert, Mandira Kar will co-present ‘Understanding Millennial GPs: The future workforce in a digital world’ with Ana Claudia Alvarez, from the Global Customer Insights team and Sanofi.

Millennial physicians are different from previous generations in their mind-set, values, digital behaviors and attitudes towards pharmaceutical companies. To better engage this new generation of physicians requires a robust and deeper understanding of their digital behaviors.

In their presentation, Mandira and Anna will take delegates through a recent market research study in which Research Partnership utilized a digital ethnographic methodology to provide Sanofi with the insights required to truly understand the similarities and differences between the millennial and traditional physician segments. 

They will demonstrate how digital ethnography revealed the ways in which millennial GPs navigate an omnichannel environment and the best way to communicate with them. In addition, delegates heard first-hand how, based on these crucial insights, Sanofi have amended their business strategies for numerous brands and, most importantly, started to address their unique omnichannel needs.

Their presentation will take place 12.00 – 12.35 PM on Thursday, June 29. If you or your colleagues are unable to attend this year's conference and would like to find out more about our paper then please feel free to contact us.

In addition, Research Partnership’s newly appointed CEO, Gareth Phillips will join a ‘Room 101’ panel debate with with Karsten Trautmann, Head of GSI Center of Excellence at Merck Healthcare about about which three things they wish to banish from research forever in order to make way for newer and better ways of working, powered by new technology. The session, scheduled for 17.15 – 18.00 on Tuesday June 27, promises to be lively, informative and entertaining.

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