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Richard Head is joint winner of the 2017 EphMRA President's Award

June 23, 2017

Richard HeadWe are delighted to announce that Research Partnership’s Richard Head is joint winner of the 2017 EphMRA President's Award for his contribution to pharmaceutical market research. According to EphMRA, Richard was nominated because he has been a long-standing supportive member of the Board who is always happy to volunteer and share his experiences. Richard is also an Associate Member on the EphMRA Board a position he has held for the last 4 years.

Responding to the news, Richard said, “I am delighted to win this Award. I’m completely committed to supporting the efforts EphMRA and its members make to maintaining high quality and innovation in pharmaceutical market research”.

This prestigious award has been running for over 16 years since 2001 and is in recognition of the contribution the person has made to EphMRA and to the pharmaceutical market research industry. The winner was announced at this year’s Conference (which Richard attended and presented a paper on patient centricity), which was held 20-22 June in Amsterdam. 


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