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Consumer health specialist joins Research Partnership

August 27, 2020

Jennifer Stewart has joined the US offices in Philadelphia as a Director. Jennifer is a seasoned market research professional with extensive experience in both custom research and marketing consultation. She has 20+ years’ experience on the supplier side with a primary focus on Consumer Healthcare and CPG. Though adept at qualitative research, Jennifer has particular expertise and interest in quantitative research and analysis.

Jennifer SPreviously Jennifer has held senior positions at Healogix, AMC Global and GfK/Arbor. A few of her long-term clients include Sanofi CHC, Coca-Cola, and P&G.

Sabera Hyderally said of her appointment, “I am delighted to welcome Jen to the company. We have a dynamic group of researchers in the Philadelphia office and Jen’s consumer experience adds another layer of expertise within the group.”

Speaking about the appointment, Founding Director Mary Assimakopoulos said, “We are very pleased that Jennifer has chosen to join Research Partnership. The US has seen considerable growth under Sabera’s leadership and Jennifer’s appointment further cements the strength of our senior team.”

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