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Servier publishes key findings of a global market research study

March 17, 2021

A major survey carried out in five key representative countries (Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Italy and Russia) has recently been published on Servier’s website with the aim of supporting people with Chronic Venous Diseases (CVD). CKD image-small

The research aims to provide a complete understanding of the CVD patient journey by analyzing the impact of the disease on their emotions, attitudes, behavior and quality of life. Using a qualitative methodology, Research Partnership conducted interviews with 100 patients and 60 specialists and administered one-week daily tasks for patients.

All patients recognize that CVD impacts their quality of life to varying degrees depending on their profile. In addition to their unattractive appearance, often experienced as a burden, CVDs have a significant impact on patients' emotions and relationships: it increases their anxiety and fear, which affects their self-confidence and social life.

Another major lesson of this research is that the impact of CVD on quality of life seems to be neglected by physicians who tend to focus solely on symptoms and overestimate the effect of venoactive drugs and compression stockings compared to patients' perception. 

Action levers to improve patient well-being

This transversal project, involving several departments of Servier (Global Coordination & Business Intelligence, Global Business Excellence, Internal Medicine Franchise, Global Medical Patients Affairs, R&D, Corporate Social Responsibility Sectors/countries) and 3 external KOLs, will contribute to support the Group's future activities in one of its priority therapeutic areas.

The data generated has enabled the identification of several levers for action to better support patients throughout their healthcare journey, such as:

  • Improving the information provided as part of their treatment;
  • More precisely measuring the impact of the new treatments developed on their quality of life;
  • Raising awareness among healthcare professionals to better take into account the impact of CVD on the quality of life of their patients, in order to better adapt care to each profile.

For more information about venous disease, please visit Servier’s website: Learn more about venous disease

Please find Servier's press release here: https://servier.com/en/news/cvd-patient-journey-2020-a-global-market-research-for-and-with-patients-affected-by-chronic-venous-diseases/


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