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RP is listed in the Alantra Pharma Fast 50 annual report

March 11, 2019

Research Partnership has been ranked 42nd in the top 50 fastest-growing companies in the UK, with a compound annual growth rate of 12%.

Pharma-fast-50The best performing privately-owned UK pharmaceutical businesses were revealed earlier this month with the publication of Pharma Times’ Alantra Pharma Fast 50 annual report. This year’s report is the third iteration of their annual ranking of pharmaceutical companies and comprises those businesses that have increased their revenues at the fastest rate over the past two financial years.

Founding Director Mark Jeffery was interviewed for the report and commented, “The outlook is really positive for businesses like ours. Our skill is to take the data and provide insightful strategic direction to help clients shape their drug development and product cycle – the demand for that work is really strong, both in the UK and internationally, with emerging markets increasingly offering good growth.”

Research Partnership has enjoyed consistent growth every year since it was established over 20 years ago in 1997. As a result we are now the largest independent healthcare market research agency in the world, working with all the major global pharma organisations.

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