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Celebrating 25 years of growth

September 5, 2022

In June, we celebrated our 25th year anniversary with parties fRP25-Websiteor all our employees across the globe.

The London Headquarters held a black-tie dinner party for employees at Landing 42,
in the Leadenhall Building, which is the UK's highest dedicated events space,
offering spectacular views of the city. Against a backdrop view of the London skyline and the River Thames, guests were greeted with a drinks’ reception and speeches from the
co-CEOs and senior directors. The venue
was also decorated with photo collages from over the years, including Research Partnership’s first office. Employees then enjoyed a delicious 3-course dinner followed by dancing into the night.

In the US, our Philadelphia, New York, and San Francisco office convened for an evening of celebration on the Rendezvous, a private yacht, taking a tour of the Delaware River with dinner, trivia, speeches, and dancing, whilst our Singapore office gathered for a Cantonese dinner at The Ritz Carlton, a luxury hotel with sweeping views of the city and Marina Bay.

Co-CEO Mary Assimakopoulos said, “The parties have been a wonderful way to mark our silver anniversary and celebrate our achievements. We started from a partnership of just two and have grown to become a world-leading healthcare insights business with almost 300 employees. Our success is thanks to our great people, some of whom have been with us since the beginning. As our events have taken place around the launch of Inizio, it has also been wonderfully timed to usher in the next exciting phase of our journey.”

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