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  • Posted by Liza Pliss, Lydia Gau and Paula Coyle
  • October 3, 2018
  • Webinars

Optimise your digital assets with UX research

Optimise your digital assets with UX research

The healthcare industry is increasingly using digital channels to deliver information and services to its customers. But for these to be communicated effectively, in a way that increases brand loyalty, it’s critical that patients, HCPs, and any other stakeholders have a positive user experience. Conducting UX research can help ensure the products or services being delivered through various digital touch points are designed in a way that brings real value to the consumer and results in a positive brand experience.

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In the webcast UX experts Liza Pliss, Lydia Gau and Paula Coyle explain the importance of conducting user experience research and show you how to execute a successful research programme.

The webcast lasts for 25 minutes including a 5 minute Q&A session.
Key areas discussed are:

• The 3 phases of digital resource development
• The type of Market Research that is most appropriate at each phase of development
• The 5 mistakes you can avoid with UX research
• Real examples of our clients' challenges and questions, relative to their digital tools, and approaches we took to address them

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 Optimise Your Digital Assets

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