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How a hybrid approach delivered fast insights to feed into an oncology product’s adoption strategy

The challenge
Our client wanted to quantify how ovarian cancer patients are managed prior to product launch, but also needed to understand why patients do or do not receive key diagnostic tests or therapies. Time constraints limited the ability for a full qualitative phase.

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The solution 
We conducted online interviews with medical and gynaecologic oncologists treating ovarian cancer and collected information from over 450 longitudinal patient records to get a quantitative measure of testing and treatment. We  supplemented this in-depth qualitative research amongst a sample of physicians best able to address the business question based on their awareness of experimental agents and patient types treated. These physicians provided detailed insights into their attitudes towards experimental agents, drivers and barriers to testing, what is needed to overcome the barriers, why a particular regimen was used at each line and more.

This hybrid qualitative-quantitative approach allowed us to bridge the gap between statistically-reliable quantitative data and key product use drivers for individual patients, all within the time frame required for a quantitative study.

Furthermore, we examined several potential physician segments to determine which could predict greater or lower usage of key diagnostic tests or medications.

The outcomes
We provided our client with baseline measures of ovarian cancer diagnostic testing and treatment as well as how and why items like family history, response to and adverse events from prior regimens, and the combined attitudes of the physician, patient, and caregiver influence decisions with a depth impossible to achieve with straight survey research. The quantitative results acted as a baseline measure of treatment before product launch and were incorporated into the design for our ongoing tracking study while preliminary segmentation allowed them to allocate resources in the best possible way to drive adoption of their product in the ovarian cancer market.

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