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  • Posted by Tom Nolte
  • October 11, 2017
  • Webinars

Webcast: Portfolio analysis - Choosing your communication strategy

Webcast: Portfolio analysis - Choosing your communication strategy

Portfolio Analysis and Optimization concentrates on determining the impact that multiple assets within therapeutic categories, and the marketing of these assets, has on overall strategy. This is an important tool for pharmaceutical companies in today’s market. As they simultaneously develop multiple products that can cost millions of dollars, portfolio management to improve decision-making can have a significant impact on the bottom line. At its very core, it is about selecting how to allocate resources and marketing efforts across multiple assets.

Join Research Partnership's Directors Tom Nolte and Melinda Shorr (who are both from our Philadelphia office) for a series of webinars designed to provide clarity when maximizing resources within a category-specific portfolio. The series will cover the three main topics of:

1. Communication strategy
2. Tracking inputs
3. Go-no/go decisions

Key areas that will be discussed in this first webinar are:

Defining your communication strategy in portfolio optimization
Presenters will start by discussing effective synergies within a therapeutic portfolio and how to ensure that marketing resources are balanced appropriately among the brands being promoted. They will also explain how to develop a coherent and convincing portfolio story.

Creating evidence for the best approach to portfolio analysis
Next, the role of KOLs and practicing physicians will be explored, including how perceptions can be dealt with through effective marketing and the potential for market research.

Qualitative and quantitative methods
Finally, the presenters will discuss the best ways to interview KOLs, practicing physicians, and other respondents, providing examples of qualitative and quantitative approaches from behavioural economics to market mapping to demand assessments.

Question and answer session
Following the presentation there will be a live Q&A where they will address any specific challenges you have encountered or concerns you may have about conducting portfolio analysis studies. We welcome you to submit your questions in advance when you register.

Click the image below to view the webcast

2017 MBS Portfolio Analysis Communications Webinar 151117 FINAL

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