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How in-depth insights were used to develop an effective product development strategy for an implantable device technology in MS

The challenge
Our client wanted to find out how best to develop an implantable delivery device with add-on services in the Multiple Sclerosis market. We were tasked with finding out whether such a device would be accepted by HCPs and patients. We also needed to identify the perceived benefit to stakeholders and offer ideas on how to optimize the device offering through the look of the device, its design and additional features.

MS Device

The solution
We conducted face-to-face in-depth interviews with Neurologists, MS patients and MS nurses in a range of geographical markets. By splitting patients and physicians, we were able to identify two varying, yet equally important perspectives which offered a deeper understanding of both the benefits and barriers to uptake. We used the findings from each in-depth interview to delve deeper and assess the differences between respondents, not only from a patient/physician perspective but also from a market perspective. This showed our client where their device had the most potential for uptake.

The outputs
Following the research we were able to identify the key unmet needs with regards to mode of administration and monitoring, reactions to the concept of the implantable device and key drivers and barriers for adoption. We were able to provide our client with actionable recommendations in terms of which features of the device and service were most liked by HCPs and patients and how to optimize the offering and move it forwards ready for launch.

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