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Qualitative research with payers in low and middle income countries

The challenge
Our client wanted to understand in detail the usage decision drivers, triggers and processes for a high-cost innovative Acute Heart Failure (AHF) drug used in the acute emergency setting in low and middle income countries where patients self-pay for healthcare.

They also wanted to obtain a deep understanding of the groups of patients for whom self-pay is an issue and the sources of public funding that could potentially be leveraged. Our findings would complement market access considerations and point the way forward to a self-pay strategy that would maximise the potential for our client’s product.

The solution

CS Qualitative Research With Payers In Low And Middle Income CountriesQualitative depth interviews were conducted with a wide spectrum of stakeholders Including Payers, Pharmacists, Patients/ Carers and treating physicians (ER doctors and Cardiologists) working with all aspects of AHF self-pay/ coverage

Target participants were carefully selected to accurately represent both cultural and economic healthcare processes in each country. in Brazil, Philippines, Kenya and Egypt.

Prior to research a series of calls were held with our client’s local teams to align the research with their accrued knowledge and ensure we went into field with a comprehensive understanding of the complex healthcare payment structures in these countries. 

We also used our substantial expertise conducting research in low and middle income countries to navigate past local research obstacles and tailor our research approach accordingly.

The outputs
Whilst a detailed story lined PowerPoint presentation was prepared as the main output for our client, we understood that communicating the individual country nuances was crucial to the success of implementing a successful self-pay strategy.  Presentations were therefore held not only with the global client team but also with their local affiliates. Additionally to supplement the detail provided by the initial PowerPoint presentation, summary reports were developed for each country containing case study examples of existing self-pay channels.

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