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Research Partnership welcomes 12 new graduates for 2020

September 21, 2020

We are delighted to announce a new intake of 9 Research Analysts and 3 Fieldwork Project Coordinators into our annual market research graduate programme.

The 12 Graduates will be based in the UK, split across our EU, US and EM team, and also our syndicated service, Living with.


Our talented graduates come from a number of top universities having all excelled in their academic studies on a range of subjects such as Health Psychology, Economics, Geography and Mechanical Engineering. They have now embarked on a comprehensive training and development programme, working closely with our experienced pool of research professionals on a range of different ad hoc projects or working with our syndicated teams. 

We have a legacy of investing in young people - the Research Partnership Graduate Programme has been running since 1998. Mary Assimakopoulos, Founding Director, commented, “We are thrilled to welcome these 12 talented individuals to our company. Despite the challenges presented by the global pandemic, we continue to expand, thanks to the hard work, dedication and research skills of our employees. We remain thoroughly committed to our graduate programme, knowing that it is integral to the success of the business. We look forward to seeing our new graduates progress and flourish within the healthcare market industry over the coming years.”

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