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Having the right market access and pricing strategy has become increasingly important in the last decade, due to the growing number of innovative and high cost products coming to the market. At the same time, governments and healthcare systems are being pressured to optimise services and become more cost-efficient. More than ever payers are demanding evidence of a product’s cost effectiveness compared with alternatives and generics. A demonstration of improved outcomes is now one of the pharmaceutical industry’s greatest challenges.

Our specialist market access service Access Partnership supports the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotech and device manufacturers in market access, pricing, and reimbursement.

Working in collaboration with our market research teams, Access Partnership conducts payer and KOL research to provide our clients with the insights and recommendations they need to develop the value strategy for their technologies and optimize revenues. Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Pricing and launch strategies
  • Landscape assessment
  • Value proposition
  • Payer engagement strategies

The expertise that Access Partnership provides is based on our extensive experience in the healthcare industry and our global payer & KOL intelligence network. We have experience in integrating payer research with traditional market research in over 50 markets, and recruit payers at the national, regional and local level entirely in-house, thereby limiting the dilution of information that occurs when recruiting through third parties. In addition, we have experience in the therapy areas that are of most importance to our clients, including rare diseases and oncology; and in supporting products at every stage of the product life cycle.

Our market access consultants understand the critical success factors to conducting effective payer research and are able to select innovative approaches that address specific research questions in each treatment area and market. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients' needs and providing innovative market access and pricing solutions that result in long-term commercial success for their innovations.

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Brett Gardiner

Director, Access Partnership

Brett is a Director and heads up the Access Partnership service. Brett has managed and contributed to the development of pricing and reimbursement strategies for pharmaceuticals and medical devices in all stages of the product life-cycle across all major European markets, US, Japan, Canada as well as many emerging markets. Brett has particular experience in asset valuation and value communication as well as more complex pricing research: moderation of payer and KOL dyads, focus groups, advisory boards, mock formulary committees and P&R negotiation simulations.

Brett Gardiner