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Our specialist pharma market access team supports the world’s leading healthcare manufacturers in market access, pricing and reimbursement. We provide our clients with the insights and recommendations they need to develop the value strategy for their technologies and optimize their revenues.

Our portfolio of services include:

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Our Market Access experts.

Rachel Howard

Director, Market Access

Rachel Howard is a Director in our London office. With over 12 years’ experience working in life sciences, Rachel has extensive experience managing large scale, complex studies, both qualitative and quantitative. Over the course of her career Rachel has lived and worked in London, New York and Singapore, giving her broad global experience spanning three continents and particular emerging markets experience.

Rachel has a University Diploma in European Market Access (EMAUD) and focuses on market access and pricing research, with a particular focus on vaccines and infectious diseases. In 2020, she led a multi-client study interviewing over 70 payers, NITAGs and KOLs spanning 8 global markets to evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on market access, and has published a number of thought pieces in this area.