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We support the UK Government’s National Apprenticeship Programme

The National Apprenticeship Programme was formed in the UK in 2009 and offers participants the opportunity to receive on-the-job experience and a salary whilst they train. It provides a great opportunity to progress to a higher qualification, gain work experience and/or follow a vocational route to University or employment. The programme consists of:

  • A knowledge element - this is the technical certificate and covers the theory which is delivered when you attend College and via self-learning modules. These are the skills you will put into practice at work
  • A competence element - this is the practical side of your programme, with targets and checks to guarantee that your employer is supporting you and you are making progress
    Functional skills - this is the area that covers English, Maths and ICT
    Transferable skills - these are the skills that help you develop your personal learning and thinking

In collaboration with West London College, we offer a two-year Project Management apprenticeship. To date, we have successfully recruited eight Project Management Apprentices to undertake a varied role managing the fieldwork aspects of quantitative and qualitative projects; from set-up through to close of data collection. We believe there are certain skills that are much more effectively picked up whilst being hands-on, therefore apprentices are placed on ‘real’ jobs from day one. On completion of the programme, our apprentices receive a professional qualification from the Association for Project Management (PMQ) as well as passing the apprenticeship end-point assessment.

One of our apprentices had this to say about the programme: “The best thing about being an apprentice at RP is that you are given the opportunity to be involved and work on projects from beginning to end, which provides us with valuable insight into the amount of work it takes to deliver large projects for clients. This allows us to develop the vital skills that are needed to be an effective member of any project team.”