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How we combined physician and payer perspectives to assess likely uptake in the future adult vaccine market

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The challenge

Our client wanted to assess the commercial value of a new adult vaccine and a new combination vaccine to inform clinical and commercial development.

The solution

A three-stage approach consisted of an initial landscape assessment and definition phase followed by qualitative research with payers and then quantitative research with physicians and pharmacists.

To understand payers’ interest and price sensitivity to the two vaccines under investigation, we used our proprietary qualitative conjoint technique, ChoiceQual, specifically designed for market access and pricing projects with small sample sizes. ChoiceQual enabled us to not only understand the level and interest and price sensitivity overall, but also the attributes and combination of attributes that would unlock higher levels of value and willingness to pay. During discussions, stakeholders were provided with stimuli material to help them frame their perceptions and expectations and asked to assess their preference for different access scenarios based on various attributes.

To understand both the potential uptake in the future competitive market and revenue optimal position, an online conjoint survey was conducted with HCPs involved in vaccination, incorporating gamification techniques to ensure high quality responses to different TPP scenarios. The potential volume uptake at each price point was calibrated to adjust for overstatement and speed to peak share using our gated approach to calibration.


Markets: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, USA

The outputs

The stage iterative approach allowed the methodology to be tailored to each stakeholder group thereby ensuring a high level of respondent engagement.

By using our ChoiceQual technique, we were able to conduct a qualitative assessment of value (and corresponding pricing) conferred by base case and alternative TPP vaccine attributes, assess the impact of different levels on uptake, and understand the value of strategic indication selection: monovalent vs. launching with multivalent.

Finally, we were able to conduct what-if scenario testing to assess the impact on uptake/revenue of a monovalent vaccine compared to the multivalent vaccine and identify the impact of individual factors that drive uptake and rapid penetration.


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