Infectious Disease

Delivering global market research insights in the infectious disease area

The HCV market has been one to watch in recent years with both the launch and promise of new drugs offering significant benefits over existing treatments, and giving patients who were being warehoused the opportunity to be free of the disease. In HIV, the development of efficacious treatments has meant that, although there is no present cure, the disease can now be successfully managed. The development of direct acting anti-virals to more effectively target the disease and single tablet regimens to increase the likelihood of compliance, have helped to improve patient outcomes.

Now, COVID-19 presents the next major challenge in infectious diseases. A number of vaccines and therapies have already been approved for use and more will be required to fight and successfully beat the global pandemic 

At Research Partnership we have extensive experience in a range of therapy areas across a range of infectious diseases and can help you with:

  • Opportunity and demand assessment

  • Understanding the global and local market opportunity

  • Segmenting the market

  • Product and portfolio development

  • Brand positioning, launch and beyond

Syndicated research

Our custom research is complemented by global market intelligence delivered by our real-time market tracking tool Therapy Watch. Our panels of physicians submit patient record data on HCV and HIV every month, giving subscribers global access to the very latest market data.

Our Living With patient research studies provide a deeper understanding of the patient journey for people living with a chronic disease. These large, quantitative studies have been carried out across a range of therapy areas including HCV.

Infectious Disease resources:

Covid white paper- small resource image

White paper

The impact of COVID-19 on chronic disease management and the implications for pharma marketing.




Vaccines case study

Case study

How a combined qual quant approach provided our client with integral insights for continued product development in the HIV space.

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HIV infographic- small resource image


Find out more with our latest HIV infographic, taken from data collected from syndicated tracking study Therapy Watch.